How to Optimize Images and Photos in WordPress

How to Optimize Images and Photos in Wordpress

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For today again, the trigger word is … Website Performance. Where do I even start with this one? Again, we know by now that there are several little things to consider if you want your website to get a sweet ranking in Google. This could range from making the best use of keywords right, to adding external links , right up to optimizing images and leveraging browser caching.

If you don’t understand any of what I just explained, do not worry. Because I’m about to simplify this shit real quick.

Image optimization simply means reducing the size of your website photos. This enables Google’s web crawlers to quickly fetch your pages once they have been entered into the search engine. And now if your next question isn’t , ‘How do you optimize an image/photo?’, then you’re either next in line for an ass whooping or I’m just terrible at this (and I don’t think I’m terrible at this).

To see how much optimization is needed on an already existing website, Google has created PageSpeed Insights. All you have to do is type in the name of your website and click ‘Analyse’. The analyser will then give your website performance a percentage rating on both desktop and phone devices.

If you do not have a high rating, Google PageSpeed Insights usually classifies the problems under any one of four of the below headings:

How to Optimize Images and Photos in WordPress

NOTE: Not even has 100% website functionality on PageSpeed Insights, so your target should be 80% and above.

Today, we are interested in optimizing images, which is the third heading on the list above. So if you click the ‘Show how to Fix’ button under ‘Optimize Images’, you will get a pull-down list of any images you have on that website and how much you need to reduce those images by (in percentage) in order to maximize performance. (Note that the list of things to fix below is from my own website, yours will show something different).

How to Optimize Images and Photos in WordPress


Now, your objective is to reduce the sizes of the images so that when you re-run your website in the analyser, those errors will be gone and your website performance percentage will be improved.

And now,

how to optimize images in wordpress.

  1. On your WordPress dashboard, click ‘Plugins‘ and then ‘Add New‘.
  2. On the keyword search bar, type ‘WP Smush‘ and download it. WP Smush is a very good free plugin that optimizes images. You can upgrade to Pro but the free version is more than enough for all your needs.

    How to Optimize Images and Photos in WordPress
    How to Optimize Images and Photos in WordPress
  3. Once that is done, go to’Media‘ on your dashboard and you will see WP Smush has been added as another link. Click it.
  4. Under Settings, you can then click ‘Bulk Smush # Attachments‘ and the plugin will resize all your uploaded WordPress images for you in seconds. If you prefer, you can simply click each photo individually and click the ‘Smush‘ button right next to the image.
  5. Reupload the smushed images into your post or website and then rerun your website link in PageSpeed Insights.
  6. As you can see below, there are only two issues with my photos after Smushing. There were four previously on shown on the similar ‘Optimize Images’ snapshot above.How to Optimize Photos and Images in WordPress

If you are interested in full optimization, it is okay to go ahead and try to fix the above two photos further. But right now, I am content with my 85% performance on my website despite the fact that a near 100% would be perfect.

I have also added a video below from the impressive WPLearningLab to help you better :).

And that brings us again to the end of this tutorial. Do let me know if the tutorial was of any help and if you also have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments below. Also make sure to see my other articles on this website for great content on online entrepreneurship and learning material from Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you :).

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