It’s Cuffing Season… Again!!

It's Cuffing Season...Again!!!

So yeah,

Normally I am a very very deep sleeper. And that is  because I usually work hard during the afternoon right up to around midnight. Usually, once I close my eyes at night, not even Armageddon’s Seven Trumpets from the Book of Revelations can wake me up. The only contender is the morning sun. But then, for no apparent reason today, I’ve just woken up from sleep and it is barely half 2 in the a.m.

My first thought was, ‘I must be starving.’ But nah, not this time. Next thought, ‘I probably need to take a midnight leak.’ But you see, that wasn’t the case either. And then it finally hits me like a truck in the face; it is goddamn colder than Antarctica in this bitch. I turn around to see if the windows are open but they’re shut tight. I feel my duvet to see if it had gotten any thinner overnight but it’s still damn fluffy. So I then ask myself, ‘Why in the hell do I feel like I just woke up from a cuddle with a Frost giant?’

Well the answer is simple; Cuffing Season is around again. There are many definitions for cuffing season that all mean the same thing. But for those of you want a concise explanation, here is a little snippet straight outta the online Bible – the Urban Dictionary.


It's Cuffing Season... Again!!“During the Fall and Winter months, people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed”  – or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”

So like the selfish person that I am, I’m sitting here thinking, “Well I need to reevaluate my priorities right now, or it’ll be another cold ass winter.”


I realised by simply listening and observing, that this period is characterised by one of four things (in no particular order):

  • Increased use of dating apps
  • Higher gas bills
  • In the case of women – little less attention to shaving legs.
  • Tendency to turn what was supposed to be a hookup into an actual relationship.

A lot of singletons and couples alike will relate to at least one of the above. But a very real problem now exists – and it is the fact that Cuffing Season is a seasonal trend.

Trends come and trends go. This goes true for fashion, music and any other urban trends that exists today. But with cuffs, we are dealing with a very human need to connect and be intimate with another person. Human basic needs have not evolved at all since the beginning of time: Food, Clothing and Shelter. I’ll add another one – Love.

It's Cuffing Season... Again!!The need to not feel lonely drives some people into desperation. And this leads to people deceiving others into ‘cuffing’ without any real intention to commit in the longer term. I believe it is absolutely okay if both partners clearly communicate their needs and know where they stand. But simply deceiving a partner into cuffing, and then disappearing like a deadbeat dad in Spring is simply cold-blooded. Even reptiles are not that cold. But I do not think it is any surprise to anyone that this happens a lot.

As humans, we have a capacity to manipulate that far surpasses other creatures. Shit, we’ve all told lies to get to places, and we still do. It is what we do. But whether or not it is worth deceiving someone for a temporary cuff is an entirely different matter. Is it really worth gaining someone’s trust just to get cuffed, with a preconceived plan to end it later? Or are we better off clearly communicating to the other partner early on?  I will like my readers to discuss this below.

Still, let this not distract you from the fact that I might still go out there and try to cuff somebody… with noble intentions!!

Feel free to discuss your views on the article in the comments below. Also make sure to see my other articles on this website for great content on online entrepreneurship and learning material from Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you :).





8 thoughts on “It’s Cuffing Season… Again!!

  1. Honesty is the best policy but let’s not forget there are people who will rather take a lie than accept the truth. Personally I’ll rather probable cuff partner is honest with his or her intentions than not. Good article Pisces 😝

  2. Funny article. Entertaining and informative at the same time. This is like the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) syndrome but for relationships I guess. I think there is some truth to this.
    You’ve just discovered the “fifth season”. Lol.

  3. I was raised in the golden rule school. I advocate for informed consent. Period. As a straight shooter, I’ll add that honesty is the best policy, but it probably won’t get you what you want.

    1. I do agree with you Kimberley. Honesty and consent are both sides of the same coin in these matters. I also hope you understand that I’m simply opening up room for debate here, and not actually condoning deception in order to get cuffed. Thanks

  4. Hi there, funny stuff.
    For me, although all this does not count very much lol. I am married and live in an almost season free country.
    Here I need to turn the air condition on to feel the need of cuddling lol.
    Still, I do remember the times back in Switzerland when in the cuffing seasons I was hunting for female more than in other times. Luckily the girls I met felt the same way and like that, I could enjoy quite some winters not being alone.
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey, see you

    1. Thanks for the feedback Stefan. I seriously thought about using ‘The Winter is Coming’ memes but I figured they’ve been overused. I’d give an arm to be in a season free country right now, that way I won’t have to keep rethinking my decisions every time October comes by. I’m based in Dublin, we don’t have snow here. So I can say with confidence that cuffing season here is not nearly as severe as in Switzerland. Remind me to stay away from there 😀

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