I. Am. Grateful.

I am Grateful

Before I let you guys know why I am so grateful, let me talk about a ton of random shit first, shall I?

Alrighty then :). Hi guys.

I am GratefulI believe Gratitude and appreciation are fast becoming alien to many people. We are so concerned about our problems that we forget to appreciate the little things that make our lives better than the next person. We just cannot have it all sometimes. And we need to understand that. But that shouldn’t make us lose sight of what we have in the moment.

Because we say it far less, the phrase ‘I am grateful’ is fast losing substance. Just like the word ‘sorry’ in Ireland. The Irish have overused the word ‘Sorry’ so much it is almost as versatile as the word ‘fuck.

For those of you who do not know, Dubliners use the word ‘Sorry’ to mean any one of the following;

  • I apologize
  • Excuse me
  • Hold on a second
  • Pardon?
  • What the Fuck?

Now that’s a fun fact. No? Those are the instances I could come up with but I’m pretty sure there are a lot more out there :). On rare occasions, it annoys me that I have fully taken on the habit. But hey, after 9 years living in Dublin, what the hell did I expect?😊

Ahem! Back to the topic of this article.

With much easier access to TV, Social Media and the Internet, most  consumers (like you and me) are increasingly becoming deluded by the ridiculous standards of success and happiness that are being presented to us. Just go online. Just watch TV. And you will realise just how much fame and riches are far more presented and glorified over human kindness, relationships and the ‘small’ things.

I am GratefulThis causes us to paint ridiculously vivid images of success in  our minds. And as more and more people realise they cannot attain those material standards, they start to recede slowly, like my hairline, into depression because their only focus is now their problems and shortcomings. It’s even worse when you’re a skilled hard worker and you see people get fame and wealth just because of their booty. Go to Instagram, you’ll know what I mean.😏

Okay okay let’s get back on track. I’m not debunking material riches. I would personally love to be very stable financially. I’m working hard now so that in the future I can be able to get the things I want, look after the people I love and travel wherever the fuck I want. I’m not looking for excess. Don’t need it, never have, never will. If I did have excess, I believe I’ve been raised well enough to know that there are much better uses for such excess. (If this is what every other already successful person told themselves before they became materially rich, then I’ll be exposed as just another unoriginal wishful cunt). Remember, Money doesn’t change you. It only reveals who you truly are.

And now, let’s move on to the things I’m grateful in my life for.

Experiencing life in a different country.

I am GratefulIn my 27 years, the one thing I am most grateful for right now is my parents giving me the opportunity to live in a country that is better than mine in almost every aspect. Not even my parents have ever left Cameroon to visit a neighbouring country. This is something I would really hope to change if I become successful in the future.

Living in a different country, with very different cultural values and mindsets gives you a small taste of how much there is to learn out there in the world. And boy, is there a lot to learn.  Living in your comfort zone gives you tunnel vision – as well as a self-important big-fish-in-a-small-pond mentality.

We all know that our circumstances and environments play a very vital role in shaping how we think. For example, in Cameroon people mostly travel abroad out of necessity. Not leisure. Shit loads of young people and families try to leave because of a political system and economy that has failed to provide the opportunities they need to survive. (I am one of those).  And with a very weak currency, only very few people do travel abroad for leisure. So yeah, if you boarded a plane to visit neighbouring Abuja in Nigeria, you would be considered ‘rich’ in most people’s books.

But in Europe and other developed regions, it’s obviously different because the circumstances are better. People travel far more for business, exploration and leisure than necessity. That subconsciously cultivates a mind that is both curious and adventurous – and also brings you in contact with people from so many cultural backgrounds. A continuously enriching experience.

Acquaintances and Friends.

I am GratefulI’m a very lucky man. Maybe it’s just my boyish good looks and charming personality eh?😉. Jokes aside, just being kind to people without expecting anything in return is really the way to be. Sometimes, just putting other people’s needs before yours goes a long way.

I have a close circle of friends both at home and abroad that mean the world to me. Friends that I sometimes don’t talk to for long periods of time, but once we do, it’s almost like we last spoke only yesterday. Friends, lovers and ex-lovers that constantly see the best in you and always push you to achieve. Friends that actually show up when you need them most and walk through the dark times with you. And if you’re one of the people described above and you happen to be reading this, I just want to say a big thank you. 

Just being a diligent student and employee has also reaped great rewards for me. As a result, I have made some solid professional contacts over the years that have all in one way or the other, helped me out when my sky was grey. Even right now, one of these contacts is looking out for me even at great professional risk to himself and his establishment. Simply because I was reliable and did very good work while I worked for him previously in my college years. Without his help right now, things would be a lot difficult for me and for that, he has my full respect.


I am GratefulThey say Blood isn’t necessarily Family. Loyalty is. And I really do agree. But I will reserve this subheading for blood relatives. I come from a fairly large family, all my grand parents still alive except for my maternal grandad who passed away two years ago. My mum has two siblings and my dad has seven. I have 3 siblings, over 15 cousins and other relatives. And despite these numbers, there are very few extended family members I would consider estranged. But that is something that is constantly being worked on. I am so grateful to my grandparents for being such role models. They passed down a lot of values which have manged to keep the family together. And my parents are doing a fine job of passing down these family values to us. I can only hope I’m not the asshole to fuck this up😅.

Growing up, even now, I have always had friends and colleagues from much smaller families with very complex relationships. Some had to grow up at a very young age. And every time I hear their stories, it becomes very clear just how much of a lucky cunt I really am. I should learn to tell my loved ones just how much I love them more often. We should all learn to forgive while we still have the time. People dying out here like it’s a bargain sale. And lots of people left in regret for not saying all the things they should have said until it is too late.

My final show of gratitude is to you reading this. Whoever you are. It is because of you that I can keep writing all these articles.

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “I. Am. Grateful.

  1. I went to Ireland when CheapAir had a special for $350 round-trip. I went by myself and met with some people I knew from the U.S. It was summer. I absolutely loved the place, the people, the experience. Loved the post on being grateful. Bev-

  2. An amusing article even if there is a bit too much vulgarity for the tastes of this 57-year-old. It does sound like you have had a very rewarding life so far and I hope that continues for you! I agree that gratitude, expressed regularly, is an important aspect of a healthy mind/spirit.

  3. Hi Derrick,

    Love this article and I read the whole piece – despite myself. Made me smile many times.

    Yes, sorry, that word has taken on a sinister twist of late and actually, disenguinity only crept into Ireland during the Boom Years.

    I could see it as I was brought up in London from age 9, travel back and forth through the years, and see a whole different mind set in the next generation. The look in peoples eyes was one of a distance that was not there when I was growing up. SADLY, it has only gotten worse. I hold naught up to flaws but simply stating a back ward shift in unity.

    Sad really.

    Anyways, oh yes, the word ‘sorry’. When one says this self damaging word it actually implies you have accused yourself first! You are already ‘guilty’ of something when many times it is said so quickly you don’t even know what for you are apologizing. Now we see a reactionary fear has been instilled in people in Ireland to have such a spontaneous reaction to minor situations. What Changed?

    I don’t watch TV anymore as I truly believe continued exposure implants predetermined responses to false situations, that are transferred, to real life situations. Hope that makes sense. It is poisonous for the most part and a fruitless waste of time.

    Great post and I really did get a lot from reading it, actually, a lot of what you said would be very much like the conversations I have with people who care or just pretending to listen lol.

    I will be back for more.



    1. haha thanks a lot Phil. This is the most constructive feedback I’ve had as of yet. Yeah, it is a pity that unity is becoming lost on most of us, despite the fact that we’ve never had so many means to connect with one another like we do today.
      I’m glad you very much enjoyed this piece, I will keep them coming.

  4. Derrick,
    I love gratitude. I make an effort to think of it every day. You have a very good writing style! Thank you for this post. I believe the world needs it too.


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