Halloween – The 2017 Dublin Experience.

Halloween 2017 - The Dublin Experience

‘Inflatable T-Rex.’


‘Wetfloor Sign’ …


Those were just three of several costume ideas I had for this year’s Halloween celebration. Only problem was that I wasn’t willing to spend over 50 euros on my costume. So that was the inflatable T-Rex costume eliminated. I then looked at the hashtag costumes online but they weren’t super impressive. So the hashtag idea was sent to the bin too.

As for the wetfloor costume, let’s just say I got lazy and didn’t bother to fully consider it. All I knew was that for the last two years, I had suddenly taken a strong interest in costumes and Halloween. Now all I had to do this year was to top last year’s costume: Nancy The Nun.

Halloween 2017 - The Dublin Experience

It also helps that this year’s Halloween celebration fell on a Tuesday. If you don’ t understand what that means in Ireland, it automatically meant you had a four-day weekend, five for some. So yeah, nearly 5 days of bad decisions and cunts like me dressing up in all their glory. If Halloween was originally meant to commemorate our lost loved ones, then you don’t need me to tell you that that has lost all meaning not only in Ireland but around the globe :).



Each year, you normally expect a trend in Halloween costumes. Usually, the stand out movie blockbuster characters in that year will be copied and pasted to no end. Last year, the wave of Harley Quinns was simply overwhelming. So this year, I was not at all surprised when I ran into Pennywise the Clown at almost every turn. So yeah, if I played a game of ‘Take a shot of whiskey for every Pennywise you see,” I would have introduced a brand new type of coma all by myself. One more unnecessary phenomenon for the medical field to worry about :).

Next year, I can only wonder what the standout character will be.

Overly playing safe for Halloween is not really my style. Meh. I want everyone to look in my direction when I go out. Why would I want to blend when I can stand the fuck out? (So much for modesty, Derrick).

Three things I love about a good costume;

  • wacky/funny
  • daring
  • unprecedented

With that in mind, I decided to go on Amazon and the result was the bouncy beautiful creature you see in the video below.


I think Airman in an accurate term to describe the inflatable airsuit I had on. A random passer-by just screamed the word at me as I was waiting in line with my friend to get into The Academy (a nightclub). So I thought to myself, that sounds beautiful. I’ll keep it. I would gladly recount the events of my first saturday night out with the suit… but I have some serious memory gaps. I can only wonder why.  – * insert ‘Drink Responsibly’ p.s.a here.*

Also, screw that guy that thought it a great idea to put a cigarette burn on the suit.



Despite enjoying the feedback from the airsuit, I still felt a strong sense of responsibility once Halloween night arrived. So I donned my old Nancy the Nun costume. God took the night off so I had a duty to, you know, bring His Gospel to the masses… in Xico’s nightclub *ahem*.

Halloween 2017 - The Dublin Experience

Halloween 2017 - The Dublin Experience







Still a very fun, yet short-lived night. I’m an energetic nocturnal creature, so Dublin’s early curfews (rarely later than 3.30am) usually leave a sour taste if you are like me. It is not uncommon for a venue to close up when I am just starting to really get in the groove. But hey, you win some. You lose some.

I’d love to write more but it’s suddenly so cold in this apartment. I need to sort this out. Jesus.

Let me know if you had a fun experience this Halloween in the comments section, what you liked, what you disliked and anything in between. Thank you for reading 😀

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