GENUINE AFFILIATE MARKETING: The Wealthy Affiliate University

Probably The Most Genuine Affiliate Marketing University on the Planet!

So this is gonna be my very first review on this site.

Over the last year. I have tried various online marketing products, get-rich-quick schemes and what not. Believe me when I say when you’re desperate, you easily become a sucker for costly partnerships and straight up scams. And trust me, I was such a sucker that Warner Bros should have signed me up for a movie titled ‘How To Suck 101 for Dummies.’ I tried various products online that guaranteed quick money only to realize I was trying to drown a fish. #pointless

Because I would not allow myself to list some of the few good, yet ridiculously costly, programs I got involved with *cough cough SFM*, I developed a strong defense mechanism against any affiliate programs on the internet. Even when I found out about Wealthy Affiliate, I still was not convinced. In short, I was twice as suspicious because of what I was presented with: a free sign up with two free siterubix websites of my own and near unlimited access to most lessons on the website, online help and community. My paternal grandad would say if an offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is… well he doesn’t exactly say it like that but that would be the closest translation from my local Lamnso dialect I can come up with.

Just to summarize, the Wealthy Affiliate University is an online digital marketing community where you learn various skills necessary to starting and running an online business, creating content and generating revenue online. 

So I signed up for all the free stuff. I mean, they didn’t ask for my card details so I had nothing to lose. Right?…


Exactly Right.


I spent a couple months still sceptical about WA had to offer, created two free websites  and got all the unlimited help I was promised. But I was lazy…and extremely suspicious! I mean, I spent more time investigating the bad stuff about the Wealthy Affiliate University online than creating content on the two websites I had created.

It wasn’t after very careful investigation that I realised I had developed the wrong mindset about Wealthy Affiliate. So I would like to take this opportunity to advise you: Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing university where you learn the skills necessary to create and run your own online business. If you are simply looking to make a quick dollar overnight, then this is not for YOU!! 

The video below by GlobalAlliance best describes the concept and exactly what to expect and how WA separates itself from other get-rich-quick online schemes.

  •  You can learn to create  content and to promote whatever passion you have. WA does all the complex coding stuff for you, all you have to do is choose a theme and create your own unique content. Commissions are made by referring people to the site BUT note that you only get commissions from Wealthy Affiliate for promoting their product. Obviously, any other commissions you earn will come from the manufacturers of said product/service you’ve chosen to promote
  •  It is suitable for people looking to make extra money on the side: students, stay at home parents, people looking to retire or basically anyone willing to put in hours in front of a computer.
  • Registration to Wealthy Affiliate, two siterubix websites and some lessons are free. To get advanced tutoring, you can take on the $49 per month subscription or $365 annual subscription. For anyone willing to make instant returns, that is a huge investment. But anyone who clearly understands what it takes to create a business understands that $365 is a very small amount of capital: something that is very unique to this brand of online business.


  • On average, you may start earning on WA after three months. More talented entrepreneurs typically take much less time to start making money. And that is provided you choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a product/service.
  • I repeat, this is not a platform to make overnight millions. Wealthy Affiliate is for those willing to learn how to create and run a successful online business. And because of this, there is a committed global community of WA members that is available to help 24/7. The owners Kyle and Carson  (Kyle especially) are very easy to reach and respond to queries promptly.

Having taken the above points into careful consideration, I have to say that the Wealthy Affiliate University is very different from any other affiliate marketing product I have tried thus far. There are still a lot of products out there that I will have to test for myself and see how committed they are to providing value. That said, as someone who is serious about learning what it takes to succeed online, I give Wealthy Affiliate University a solid 8/10 and would recommend it highly.

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    1. Thank you Alexia. I’m also trying to show people that there are other ways to be successful that is different from everything we’ve been taught in a classroom.

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