7 Simple Steps To Become an Expert In Your Niche

7 Simple Steps to Beome an Expert in Your Niche

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Straight off the bat, I’ll try to explain a niche to all you who may be new to my website. A niche can be referred to as a smaller, target-able and relevant marketing segment within a broader class. Niches in the Hotel industry could include ‘apartments for families of 5 people or less’ or ‘houses for OAPs on vacation’ and so on. You can see clearly that specific types of customers are targeted in both niches described above. This allows the individual to have a clear focus on his market and can create much better strategy to ensure success.

As you should know by now, I prefer to leave the bullshit at the door and get straight into the action I hereby recommend!


  • Define a Target Group:7 Simple Steps To Become an Expert In Your Niche The first step of the process is easier said than done. It is not uncommon for people not to know exactly what their niche is, and that is because it usually requires a lot of effort and research in order to carve out a possible niche from a larger whole. The primary aim of choosing a niche is targeting a small and realistic, yet relevant segment from a broader class and becoming the ruling authority on that niche. Become Hawkeye.

Let us say for example, you decide to choose Food and Fitness as your niche. What is the error here? It is the fact THAT Food and Fitness is NOT a niche and it is extremely broad. Defining your niche will require you to further break it down into something much more specific and target-able. For example; Food and Fitness Regimens for Pregnant Women Over 35. As you can see, I’ve used various demographics such as age and sex  to further carve out a manageable, yet relevant niche. Stay away from broad niches like a plague!!


  • Search Engine Techniques: Google, the most efficient free search engine out there, is a very useful tool in helping you in your everyday research. But the most relevant function in this case is the Google Auto-Complete function. Google Auto Complete is a very effective way of finding out what people are searching for on the Internet, and this can give you an idea of what to narrow down your niches into or areas and keywords to target when you decide to start creating content.

In the example here, by simply typing in ‘how to become a…’ you can see here that a lot of people in Ireland are interested in becoming pilots, police, models and paramedics. But why no one is interested in being a Wizard is the biggest question here but I digress. Point is, the auto-complete function helps to show you the most commonly asked questions and should they be within your area of interest, you could then structure your niche around these needs that need satisfying.

7 Simple Steps To Become an Expert In Your Niche

Also pay attention to the number of search results, as this will give you a very good idea as to the level of competition you might be facing within your selected niche. The rule of thumb is that the lower the results, the greater your chances of becoming a leading authority in your niche.7 Simple Steps To Become an Expert In Your Niche

  • Ranking and websites: Anyone who is serious about success online knows that websites are extremely important. Would you build a house without a door? I highly doubt that (even though at one point as a kid, I seriously thought it would be a cool idea. You know, separate the ninjas from the boys). Websites are a great way to welcome visitors so they can be introduced to your passion, whatever that may be. There are lots of website domains to choose from; .org, .com, .net, .ie,, and so on. Bear in mind that websites ending in .com and .org get ranked higher on search engines and reach a much wider audience instead of domains that will limit your scope, e.g, ‘.ie’ domains.


  • See yourself as the competition: In competitive combat sports, the one with everything to lose is the champion. 7 Simple Steps To Become an Expert In Your NicheThey are the top of the food chain, and as a result so many challengers line up to get a shot at the champion. Should the champion defeat the challenger and retain the title, the buzz is not as great as everyone kind of expects the champion to win. The challenger may even earn some respect for challenging the champion. But what happens when the challenger beats the reigning champ? Suddenly everyone hears about it, the papers won’t stop talking, people won’t stop talking, and headlines now talk of ‘A New Era’ in the sport. Sadly, the defeated champion usually fades into obscurity.

The point I’m trying to make here is that when starting a business online, a lot of people are intimidated by the amount of competition that already exists in their relevant niches. Because believe me when I say anyone can create a website now!! Suddenly, they start to think they have everything to lose because of the competition around them. That fear subconsciously prevents you from devoting time and effort into your success. But if you see yourself as the newcomer looking to take on and learn from the already established competition, then your mindset is automatically geared towards success.


  • Get Influence, not Copies: In order to create content, it is not unusual to look at other articles/websites in your niche in order to get some form of inspiration or just to see how other people write that makes them successful. The biggest mistake people make is that they copy content from already ranked websites and paste into their own websites or blog posts. Word of advice: DON’T DO IT! Google constantly works on ways to detect duplicate content. And if duplicate content is found on your website, your rankings will be hurt severely as a result.


  • Keywords: If you intend to create quality content around your niche very often, you will rely on keyword searches from time to time in order to improve ranking online. The main advantages of using keywords are that they generates traffic for your website, and traffic is always a good thing as it leads to conversion in sales. There are several keyword tools online such as Jaaxy and Google Adwords, that help you learn how to use keywords to better generate traffic to your websites.


  • Treat Your Niche as A Long Term Business: Lastly, success in any business venture is reliant on several factors, the most relevant to me which are commitment, planning and dedication. Try to visualise yourself as the Go-To expert in your niche over the long term. Short term goals are very realistic, yes. But these goals should be set in order to achieve a greater long-term objective which could be anything from becoming the expert in your niche to making your first 100,000. Have faith, be consistent and work smart. Do not make excuses as to why things won’t go your way. Adapt as the environment changes and as the best motivational coach on the internet would say:
    7 Simple Steps To Become an Expert In Your Niche

And that’s it for this post, people :). For anyone willing to access the wealth of learning information at Wealthy Affiliate, click here. Please feel free to comment on what you think could be added to these simple steps, and any other ideas for things I should write about. Thank you!

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