4 Simple Ways to Improve Blog/Review Content

4 Simple Ways to Improve Blog/Review/Content

Hi guys,

And welcome :). For anyone new to my content, I have developed a habit of cutting through the usually mundane niceties. This is so that I can give you exactly what it is you came for. So for anyone interested in creating content: be it articles, blogs, or reviews, let us begin!!

(1) Content Thoroughness.

Thoroughly research your content before publishing, especially if your content can be easily fact-checked. You do not want to provide false or misleading information to your readers. This will greatly affect your credibility as a reviewer, blogger or content creator.

4 Simple Ways to Improve Blog/Review ContentWhile writing a review for example, always ask yourself if there is something that you can do to make your review more complete. Is there something you missed out the first time that you have more knowledge of this time around? A lot of the time you will be able to “update” your existing reviews, in particular your most popular reviews. Thoroughness will help ensure that you write in a way that answers people’s questions before they even ask them – Professor X level stuff.

Remember, you gain experience with time. You gain more insight and content awareness as you gain experience and as you get feedback within your articles. At regular intervals, you should go back to your most popular blogs/reviews/posts and continually improve them to provide the best experience for your readers. It will naturally lead to better rankings (Google likes pillar content and updated content), and better results in terms of conversions.

(2) Reviews and Ratings – Amplify your ratings.

The more thorough a rating overview is, the better the reader will feel in respect to their “informed’ decision. If you are doing product reviews, as an example, a few different types of ratings such as percentage and 10 star ratings (also known as ratings) can show up in Google. These rating systems are very powerful and can highly benefit your website.

4 Simple Ways to Improve Blog/Review Content

The above snip above shows a simple, yet effective example of a product review summary. It has the most relevant product attributes summarised. At a glance, the reader can make a quick assessment about the product or service in question.


(3) Screen captures / Imagery

Most people love to have a visual representation of what they’re reading about. There are several tools and services (some native to your computer) that you can use to capture screen shots. Screen captures and simple Google downloadable images of the actual product or content matter can add to the quality of your review. They also tend to create a perception of you being the “product’ expert if you have insider information on that product, and it will show an owner-type understanding of the product and the niche.

Within your content, it is always important to avoid creating large chunks of text without imagery. 4 Simple Ways to Improve Blog/Review ContentDon’t try too hard to bore the reader to death, or make them lose interest before they even decide to start reading the article!! Breaking up text with relevant imagery and easy to understand language keeps the reader interested… and yes: The lawyer dog photo is completely irrelevant to the subject matter. But just look at it!!

(4) Comparison Graphs & Charts

An effective chart can serve as a strong decision making tool for many people. Charts and graphs are especially useful if there is a great deal of detail that would normally take up too much time explaining. You need to compact the information to a visual summary that can help communicate information much quicker than talking.

Using charts and graphs can help your reader grasp visually the message that has to be conveyed. 4 Simple Ways to Improve Blog/Review ContentKnowing your audience helps creating the right type of charts and graphs to use. For example, as extracted from,  if you are addressing a team of sales representatives, you want to search for sales charts and graphs that typically a sales team will understand visually. When using charts and graphs keep in mind that they are only supplementary to words, not substitutes. Do not assume that your reader will fully understand the charts and graphs without you having to elaborate with words. Charts and graphs can be very powerful in visual presentations if done effectively.


So there we go. Four short and simple ways to make sure your content is great. We are all learning, constantly. So as always, your insight and feedback is very much appreciated. For more insight on all the learning resource at Wealthy affiliate, click here. Please feel free to ask or comment in the comments section about anything constructive. Ranging from what you liked about the article to areas that need improving. Thank you!!

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