3 Major Points from Marvel’s Black Panther Trailer 2018 – The Hype Train

3 Major Points from Marvel's Black Panther Trailer 2018 - The Hype Train

What is a Hype Train?

A hype train is a supersonic bullet train that runs on anticipation, and not fuel. On ridiculous expectation and not electricity. A hype train is built to get you to your destination while promising optimal satisfaction. The hype train has no brakes, no red lights on the tracks, no possible break downs and no other imminent traffic controls. Just high speed, yet smooth ‘sailing’ from point of origin to destination. I am about to board a hype train right now, leaving in T minus 10 seconds. And it is called the Wakandan Express.

Know that I have booked a first class seat aboard this train. I could only book a seat since I don’t have nearly enough money to buy my own metaphorical hype train. Why, you ask? Because I’m broke as fuck. Simple. 🙁

By now, I’m sure you have already watched the new Black Panther official trailer in all its glory. I am a huge mainstream comic book fan, and I have read both Marvel and DC Comics for as long as I can remember. I used to draw my favourite heroes and villains too. For a long time, I have wanted nothing less than to see what a Black Panther movie adaptation would look like on the big screen; Wakanda’s cities, its warriors and vibranium nanotechnology in all its glory. And now, Ryan Coogler has blessed us with what I can only refer to as my most anticipated movie of 2018.

This decade has been an especially beautiful one for comic book fans like me. Even in the next few weeks, we have Thor: Ragnarok and DC’s Justice League just around the corner. But even that does not hold a candle to the Black Panther. I’m about to bring original corn fufu into the cinema on February 9. Have you ever watched a trailer that made you ask yourself, “How do I become a citizen of Wakanda? Because I’m finna leave asap.”

“Are there auditions? Like the X Factor?”

“What are the immigration requirements like?”

“Hell, if I even manage to find the country in the first place (and survive), does that put me in a better position to qualify for naturalisation?” For those who don’t know, FUN FACT: Wakanda (though fictional), is one of only three countries (Thailand and Ethiopia) that managed to prevent European colonialism. So as you can see, the nation’s badassery clearly precedes itself.

If you haven’t watched the Official trailer to Black Panther yet, do yourself a favour and watch it below. If you have seen it already, why not watch it a tenth time?


There is so much to be taken from this trailer: T’challa’s Purple & Killmonger’s beautiful nanotech suits, Ulysses Klaue’s new arm, Shuri and T’Challa’s fresh handshake, the Wakandan landscape, Angela Bassett and all that royal ass-whooping… just to name a few. But I will focus on the few important things that touched me on a very personal note.


  1. The King in All his Feline Battle Glory.

3 Major Points from Marvel's Black Panther Trailer 2018 - The Hype TrainWhat happened to the times when leaders had actual balls? Like real balls. If you had beef to settle, you stood on the front line, brandished a sword and actually led your troops into battle. Most kings and leaders in warring times may have been born into their role as autocrats but they didn’t hide behind pawns who were sent to die for their causes. The Black Panther, ruler and protector of Wakanda, is a breath of fresh air in an era where so-called men are actually girlie-men and world leaders are straight pussies. If you threaten his country’s interests, this guy T’challa would actually don a catsuit, find you and fight you. Like a true bro.

2. Marvel Moviemakers finally Embracing Mysticism…Fully?

We all love the Marvel movies for all the wacky superpowers and crazy stuff that happens in the movies. But if there is one major complaint among hardcore Marvel comic book fans, it is the fact that the moviemakers have really tried to avoid dealing directly with magic and mysticism – instead trying very hard to always dumb it down to something scientific and understandable. Even going as far as dumbing down the very powerful Mandarin to a failed actor from Liverpool in Iron Man 3. Or Thor having to explain to Jane Foster that in Asgard, science and Magic are one and the same thing.

Doctor Strange was a bold step and I really do hope The Simba Shot (1:13 in the above trailer) is not explained logically in the movie. A lot of the Black Panther story in the comics is based on mysticism. And I hope Ryan Coogler stays true to the source material. Not every single thing has to make scientific sense!

And last but not the least…

3. The Wakandan Fashion Sense.

3 Major Points from Marvel's Black Panther Trailer 2018 - The Hype TrainNow I’m not a big fashionista. And this is because I cannot afford a lot of the cool stuff I want to wear just yet. But man, seeing the heavy influence the African fashion industry has in this movie made me clap… literally.

In both trailers so far, I have noticed Maasai, Southern African & Ghanaian influences, Sudanese lip plates, and a beautiful assortment of various African traditional and contemporary attires. And guess what? They look fucking beautiful.

Is this movie going to be a huge platform for the world to truly appreciate the breadth of African fashion? Shit, I sure hope so. Because I totally want every single outfit T’Challa has worn in the trailers. And I know I haven’t seen everything yet! Killmonger’s sagging pants can wait for now. I might wear an Agbada to the cinema as well. Who knows??

That’s it for now people. Let me know your thoughts on the trailer and your expectations for the future of the comic book cinematic universe in the comments section. Also make sure to see my other articles on this website for great content on online entrepreneurship and learning material from Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you :).

2 thoughts on “3 Major Points from Marvel’s Black Panther Trailer 2018 – The Hype Train

  1. Hi Derrick
    What a great read. You make me really want to see this movie. I will have to wait until it’s on Youtube though due to there are no cinemas around here.
    The African fashion is one of the nicest in my opinion and I also hope it gets appreciated more after movies like this.
    Thanks for the share and see you soon in this theater:)

    1. Thanks a lot Stefan. Glad you appreciate these things as much as I do. I’ll make sure to send a bootleg version to you in Thailand. Just don’t tell the FBI you got it from me!

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